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    I appreciated webex app on my good ole Bold 9000 but unfortunately that app never received timely updates and didn't work properly on Torch 9800 or other OS 7 devices that I own. Today, I had noticed the app got updated in the app world in Jan'2012 guaranteeing to play good with all OS 5 and above devices. so check it out..

    Free WebEx Meeting Center - Download WebEx Meeting Center - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World
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    02-16-12 03:38 PM
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    thanks for the info, working on my curve.
    But i would like to see it on playbook as well.. i keep waiting
    02-29-12 11:06 AM
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    I saw this and downloaded it several weeks ago but never used it. My manager switched to the iPhone and is always telling everyone how great it is. I was in his office today for an online meeting and he brought up the Webex client just to show me how great his phone is. I fired up the client on the 9850 and he was stunned how it kept up right with his iPhone. Showed him how well the jabber client works also. He could not believe it.

    If you have not tried the Webex or jabber client you should do yourself a favor and try them out.

    Would also love a client for the playbook. Would love to run a meeting at work off the PB while connected via hdmi to a projector. Would impress a few people.
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    04-03-12 08:47 PM
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    So in light of starting a new thread, I'll dig up this old one.

    I just downloaded the WebEx client and am using it for a meeting....

    Two points...

    1. It asks for a call back number, obviously. It looks for my phone number, but I cannot use voice and data at the same time. Is this a VZW thing only, because this defeats the purpose of the app...

    2. It needs to keep the screen from going to sleep, is this possible?

    Using this on my 9930 in my sig
    01-24-13 12:24 PM