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    I don't know if this was ever talked about an if it was o well. I was looking for a voice gps with a weather update included and this is what I did. I searched for a telenav app on here and the thread was sprint nav 2.8 or telenav 5.5 or close to it and I downloaded telenav 5.5 in that thread for my bb tour. When the download was finished I went through the telenav tour checked out all the features and when it was done I was on the home page. From there I went to share and more and I noticed telenav 5.5 had the weather included. I exit the telenav and went on the sprint nav 2.8 and I was going to delete it but I know that it would get pushed back to the bb so on the sprint nav I went to share and more option and now the weather option is on my sprint nav......I deleted telenav 5.5 and the weather option is still on my sprint nav......

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