1. robdec17's Avatar
    I installed weather bug elite this morning and it worked fine but now every time
    I click the icon it locks up my Tour. My wife said something came up on the screen later in the day and she didn't know what it was and she clicked deny. How can I reinstall an app I bought from the BB app store?
    08-01-09 04:03 PM
  2. vinmontRD's Avatar
    I found that Weather Bug Elite ties up my 8900 on boot up if you have set it to find "my location" (using GPS) on device startup. It will search for several minutes, showing the tiny "wait" symbol in the middle of the BB screen, making EVERYTHING else lag horribly until it finally gives up. I turned off the "my location" feature and it's far better behaved.

    Re: reinstall -- If you bought it through App World, you can go in through App World, select the bottom right button to see "My World", hit your menu button and select "delete". After you finish deletion, you'll see the app still listed in "my world" as "uninstalled". Select it again, press menu, and then select "reinstall".
    08-01-09 04:15 PM
  3. robdec17's Avatar
    Thanks for the reinstall process. That seemed to fix it I also turned off " my location" gps function.
    08-01-09 04:50 PM