08-14-09 02:25 PM
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    is there a free or very very cheap weather app, that has an icon that relays the current condition, for use in weather themes? ex: its sunny and 80
    icon shows the sun with 80degree
    ex2: raining and 70

    show sun with cloud and rain with 70degree

    ex3: its night and 77
    shows moon and 77degree

    each moon/sun would also if it was cloudy outside show clouds and same goes for rain.. any help?
    08-13-09 10:45 AM
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    I have BerryWeather and WB Elite. WB Elite has accurate data. But their maps totally suck because they are slow to load and are rather ugly.

    BerryWeather has horribly inaccurate temp data, but their maps are easy to load and look much nicer. Apparently, according to Berry Weather, Pasadena, CA never gets above 82 degrees (yeah right). BW is telling me 73 right now (updated 4 min ago), but it's actually closer to 80. The other thing I like about BW is that you can set it so the temp updates at your GPS location automagically. With WB Elite, you have to click on the icon for it to refresh to your new GPS location. Otherwise, WB will just update the temp based on your last GPS location (which may not be where you currently are).

    Other problems: BW switches to a moon icon at 5:00pm, pacific time. I think they have their servers set so that it changes to a moon at 8pm Eastern Time, but apparently they can't account for changing time zones?!?

    Just need to merge the best parts together... curses!
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