08-07-10 10:07 PM
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  1. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    I'm curious as to what weather apps you use, I'm currently weather app-less. I was using BBWeather on my 8520, but I want to know what others use and why they prefer it over the other apps.

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    08-04-10 12:46 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I believe the correct forum to post this, is here. http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/

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    08-04-10 12:51 AM
  3. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    I suppose so, but I thinks it's nice to get input from people using the same device, some may run better on one device over another for whatever reason.

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    08-04-10 01:27 AM
  4. JeffreyVB's Avatar
    I use the Weather Channel app...and Poynt.
    08-04-10 01:42 AM
  5. trtmazda3's Avatar
    Weather Channel. Free, easy-to-use, local info.
    08-04-10 02:01 AM
  6. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    BeWeather for me . Great app. Free too!

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    08-04-10 06:07 AM
  7. Vijik's Avatar
    ShortcutMe has an embedded 5 days weather forecast feature.

    It doesn't run in the background, and it is easily and quickly accessible by for example double clicking the side key (or double clicking the Space key from BB Home Screen).
    It takes less than 1.5 seconds to get current and 5 days weather forecast for your city.
    08-04-10 07:18 AM
  8. Rootbrian's Avatar
    WeatherEye for me, just as fast as many others, free with tiny ads

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    08-04-10 07:34 AM
  9. GG1's Avatar
    +1 for weathereye.

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    08-04-10 07:49 AM
  10. fatboy97's Avatar
    08-04-10 08:31 AM
  11. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    08-04-10 08:35 AM
  12. wnm's Avatar
    BBWeather like the OP. Why pay to get the weather.
    08-04-10 08:48 AM
  13. Omegazab's Avatar
    i have tried out bbweather and weather channels app but berry weather is worth every dime imo. I like having a past radar to look at seeing im a storm fanatic
    08-04-10 08:55 AM
  14. horangi7's Avatar
    08-04-10 09:14 AM
  15. sedalia066's Avatar
    BerryWeather is a winner in my life. My wife just took a trek to the UK. I was able to text her a weather forecast every day as she had no access to that information from local sources. The app is worth every penny IMHO.
    08-04-10 09:16 AM
  16. Nozzles Brewin's Avatar
    BerryWeather, best weather app out there, imo
    08-04-10 09:41 AM
  17. sickboy719's Avatar
    I use twitter.
    No matter how good a weather app is (Berryweather is really good), the weather here is so unpredictable that its changed twice before any app can update.
    So I follow the local weather on twitter.

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    08-04-10 09:57 AM
  18. augiedoggie's Avatar
    08-04-10 12:18 PM
  19. chhare's Avatar
    I use WeatherBug, which is a free app and seems to give good reports and forecasts. It also allows me to store locations along with a GPS found "my location", which of course gives you the current weather for your current location. I have the icon on my home screen which gives me the current temp and Hi/Lo for the day when I scroll over it.
    08-04-10 01:46 PM
  20. Cathy_B's Avatar
    08-04-10 03:11 PM
  21. aharv612's Avatar
    Beweather free. I would like an app that will just place the thermometer on my home screen, is there a free app that may do this?

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    08-04-10 08:28 PM
  22. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    BerryWeather, QL pulls temp from yahoo too.
    08-04-10 08:40 PM
  23. johnling's Avatar
    08-04-10 09:38 PM
  24. Travo's Avatar
    Weather Bug (free version). It has the current stats, 7 day outlook, live weather cams, radar with different filters, and weather videos. It's free on Blackberry World. I highly recommend it and use it multiple times each day. Runs GREAT in my Storm 1, Bold, and Tour!
    08-07-10 06:47 PM
  25. MyHeroinBerry's Avatar
    I had BerryWeather and it was good until it stopped updating for me. Now I use the Weather Channel App(awesome, much better than BerryWeather IMO) and the weather from the viigo app(no frills but accurate).
    08-07-10 07:56 PM
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