1. NaniManu's Avatar
    So far, I've received the following from the first few weather apps/theme I've tried:

    Carbon Slick, "The notifications should be there, however I've had a couple other people tell me they are not. Unfortunately I am unable to get into the theme builder to see what's wrong because my computer fried the other day, but as soon as the new one is up and running I will address the problem. en I get another version up that is fixed you should get an email about it."

    WeatherEye: "The background loading bug issue is a RIM firmware issue. We have flagged the issue with RIM a couple of times and will continue to follow up with the manufacturer."

    BerryWeather: This app has an extra on the icon for the home screen, a small moveable temperature indicator on the badge/icon indicating sky cover. Less than 5% of the time are the temperatures and/or the sky cover symbology, matching. Still awaiting an answer from them.

    Has anyone found a fully functional weather app?
    07-12-09 03:59 PM
  2. cavingjan's Avatar
    I haven't had any problems with BerryWeather.
    07-12-09 04:59 PM