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    How do the two visual voicemail services compare for text-email conversion-delivery of incoming voicemails?
    I have used PhoneTag for 2 years & it works great, just a bit pricey. Would YouMail + ReadIt be a good alternative?

    PhoneTag Provides... PRO's
    1. Customer recorded message from me
    2. Voicemails are transcribed to email & sent to an email address on my BB so I can read them (I use a separate email account just for these, & have it set to alert with BerryBuzz - so a Blue blink means voicemails are there)
    3. Reading voicemails is easy - I have the email box set as one of my "first row" icons on BB.
    4. Transcription is near perfect, including names, so I only need to listen to a voicemail about once per month (out of 10+ that I get daily)
    5. I do not pay for blank voicemails, including automated voices like my desk phone calling my BB to tell me that I have a desk email - that's no charge
    6. I do not have the voicemails saved as sound files, IU uswe only the transcribed version.
    1. I pay $10-20 per month, and sometimes more.
    2. The sound quality of the recorded message sometimes is not as sharp as regular voicemail greetings.
    What say you? (note that I am not interested in anyting that does not fully transcribe voices into text - thus eliminating listening).
    10-10-11 02:39 AM
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    Google Voice is free!
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    10-10-11 09:19 AM