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    Developers..Millions Could Use This If It's Not Out There Yet

    Before I had my Blackberry I used an awesome app called Microsoft Voice Command. It would read off my outlook calander and verbally remind me (using the persons name) of my upcoming appointments.

    Also, when I asked "what are my appointments today?" it would verbally tell me who I was meeting with and when.

    When I called Microsoft Voice Command they said the only way it would work with a Blackberry is if I was using a windows operating system.

    Does anyone know of either another application that will do the same or a workaround to get it to work on my Blackberry Curve?

    04-16-10 03:51 PM
  2. Albeewon's Avatar
    Just saw a app on bb app world called of all things Voice to Text. Its supposed to integrate with everything, read the reviews. It was rated 4 stars. Let me know how it works. Happy hunting!

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    04-16-10 07:25 PM