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    I'm getting more txts until I join my friends on ichat when the new device is released. I tried Vlingo but it doesn't seem like its gotten any better with speech to txt. Drive Safel.y is crazy expensive! Any other suggestions?
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    08-21-12 10:57 AM
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    I have not found a Blackberry Application which does any reasonable job reading out text messages and voicemails.

    The only reason I have this functionality at all is because my car's radio is bluetooth supported and it reads my emails and text messages.

    I found Vlingo to be the best voice recognition software, but still insanely buggy, not activating or responding most of the time.

    And drive safe.ly was a disaster from the start. it hasn't been updated in what seems like years. it's voice dictation is terrible. volume doesn't respond well (you also have to set it independently in app, not your phones volume controls), and last I tried it, there's no way of interrupting the voice until it's done reading whatever it's reading. Even if it's telling you what button you just pressed on the screen in very lengthy wordy and rather annoying text to speech.
    08-21-12 11:03 AM
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    of course and why BB is tanking.....no new car coming up but def a new device!
    08-21-12 11:06 AM