1. JimGo's Avatar
    OK, I'm cheap, I admit it. $20 isn't THAT bad for a great app, but I'm still not convinced I want to take the plunge without first testing out the ability to transcribe an SMS or E-mail message. Anyone know if there's an upcoming "sale" on Vlingo that might soften that hit a bit?
    09-11-09 04:43 PM
  2. oanda8311's Avatar
    I would love to know that too. i wanna get the app but not pay that much if in the next weeks its gonna be on sale
    09-11-09 05:12 PM
  3. fmflex's Avatar
    I paid 17.99 for this and it's the best app i bought. It is worth it. It works like a charm. Very good voice recognition engine. They do have a trial version, or at least they did when i was getting it.
    09-11-09 05:30 PM
  4. berrygirly's Avatar
    You can download the free version and try the voice recognition. I was just like the OP that I didn't want to pay for it, but I just dove in - it's a really great app especially if you compose email or text while driving. You can also update facebook and twitter, open apps on the phone, initiate a search, etc... it's worth the cost even at full price, IMO!
    09-11-09 05:42 PM