1. dsimons82's Avatar
    Hey everyone,
    I just got the VLC remote...I have it up and running, i just can't get a dvd play on my computer. I put in the dvd se7en and i can't find the correct files for it to work. Can anyone guide me through this? Thanks in advance!
    07-31-09 01:37 PM
  2. CCApps's Avatar

    If you press "d" to start browsing the computer's hard drive, then go to the DVD drive folder (for example, the folder named "E:"), then with the folder selected and without opening the folder press "p" (or "add to playlist and play" from the menu), the DVD should start playing.

    As a tip: you can always start playing the contents of any folder by selecting it and pressing "p". This is good if you have for example a TV series that you want to start watching - all the episodes in the folder will be added to the playlist and start playing.
    08-03-09 08:12 PM