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    so i set up visual voicemail on the Tour, and left myself a test message. it came thru fine, and once i listened to it and deleted it (using the visual voicemail application), the notification in the upper section, which is the one that looks like "1 o_o" is still there. any ideas how to get rid of it? any others experiencing the same thing?
    i've already tried calling voicemail manually. did nothing
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    07-12-09 05:17 PM
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    an update:
    in order to make the notification go away, I have to leave myself a message, and then delete it by calling *86. it seems that my phone is not noticing that Visual Voice Mail has deleted the message off the network voicemail account. any suggestions?
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    sorry to bump this!
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    If it makes you feel any better I am having the same problem. Visual voicemail does not automatically refresh for me either. Even when I get a new voicemail, I have to into VVM and tell it to Resync Mailbox just to get the message to show up. I'm probably going to go into a Verizon store this week and ask them for a solution or remove the service.
    07-13-09 09:39 PM
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    problem was fixed.
    i added it to my account and according to the verizon rep i talked to, it wasn't configured to my account correctly. just call in, and have them verify that it's on your account. problem solved.
    07-14-09 11:38 AM
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    I went to the Verizon store today and had them look at it. They also called in to their tech support. No resolution as of yet. I had them remove the Visual Voicemail service for the time being until a software update comes out.
    07-14-09 05:23 PM