1. Ming-Tzu's Avatar
    Just installed Viigo and since I have Google Reader already, all I needed to do was create an account and assign Google Reader to my Viigo account...magical...thanks for the suggestion everybody...I have a few settings related question though

    1) For some reason, on Viigo, when I get an update to my RSS feeds, a bunch of feeds will show news items from a long time ago e.g. months and months ago....I thought that was kind off...like if I cleared out the Engadget news items, whenever Viigo updates the feeds, Engadget will show a bunch of new news items but it's not new at all but rather from months and months ago...didn't see anything in the settings on my phone or online that would deal with this issue...anyone else have problems with this and, if so, how do I fix that?

    2) Anyone know how to sync up Google Reader with Viigo like how the Storm syncs with gmail e.g. delete off phone deletes off google reader, etc?

    Any info would be appreciated...thanks in advance!!!
    12-07-08 12:20 PM