1. darthspyder's Avatar
    Last night I downgraded from OS back to because I was having memory issues. I then reinstalled to see if the memory issue was any better. So far so good. But, I can't seem to get Viigo back on my Bold 9000. I have tried to download the Crackberry version with no luck, and then tried to download the version from the BlackBerry App World. In both cases, I enter my email address. When I receive the email, and click on the link to download the app, it keeps sending me back to the page where I enter my email address again. I don't remember it being this difficult to get Viigo in the past. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
    04-21-10 06:00 AM
  2. tfrankson's Avatar
    Just download straight from your phone at: Download | Viigo
    04-21-10 10:48 AM
  3. darthspyder's Avatar
    Thanks, but this is an endless loop for me. If I enter my email address, it sends me a link to the same page where I entered my email address in the first place. If I go to the link you gave me, it sends me to the same page.
    04-21-10 12:42 PM
  4. F0nage's Avatar
    Delete all your cookies and browser cache and try again. Maybe you have something jammed in there. You should have cookies turned on.
    04-21-10 01:07 PM
  5. darthspyder's Avatar
    The solution was to go into my Browser Configuration and change the Browser Identification to BlackBerry. I had it set to Firefox, previously. Thanks for your replies.

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    04-22-10 06:00 AM