1. bold lover's Avatar
    When you have the option, on closing Viigo, to save all items - what does this mean exactly. What is it saving? You current deletions? Old news items? Where is it saving it to (does it take up space) or is it just settings its saving?
    01-27-09 11:49 AM
  2. joygasm310's Avatar
    I believe its saving all the articles you currently have updated. I'm not positive though.

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    01-27-09 11:54 AM
  3. anon(1634494)'s Avatar
    yeah when i was playing around with viigo the other day i noticed this too upon exiting..

    i think it saves all the new changes that you made (ex/ you added a new city. it saves the city you added, so that next time you open it, it will be there and you dont have to add it again)

    thats just my take on it
    01-27-09 01:32 PM
  4. hamood3's Avatar
    I wondered about that too.

    But I think its probably saving what articles you've read so it doesn't show them as new next time you start Viigo.

    Plus, and as lasa06 said, it probably saves the other things you've added like cities, stocks, flights.

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    01-27-09 02:26 PM