1. coolguy78240's Avatar
    yester day i went into my viigo and noticed that the rss feed for crackberry was gone, i searched the add chanel list for it and no luck, now its really no big deal because i have the launcher for crackberry, but i was just wondering if anyone else noticed this or am i just a dumb ****.
    07-30-09 02:22 PM
  2. rallyhammer's Avatar
    Happened for me too, but for some reason Viigo just decided its going to be a piece of crap on my phone and not ever get used.
    07-30-09 02:24 PM
  3. WVU_Sweetie's Avatar
    I still have my feeds. Not sure what would have happened
    07-30-09 02:24 PM
  4. WVU_Sweetie's Avatar
    Here is the channel URL if you want to try to resubscribe


    Hope it helps!
    07-30-09 02:28 PM
  5. CatAlex's Avatar
    Viigo did stuff like that to me too. I stopped using it cause it seemed to be a major drain on my battery + it seemed very glitchy.

    Google has new mobile apps for BB which are pretty sweet. I love them and they seem like they're always working when I want them.
    07-30-09 02:30 PM
  6. spydrwebb's Avatar
    Had for a day and deleted.
    07-30-09 03:22 PM
  7. eazid#CB's Avatar
    Hmm... Never had an issue n any release. On 3.1.324
    07-30-09 03:56 PM
  8. sirbergersworth's Avatar
    I am on the newest beta version and it is a little buggy here and there but it is a beta. I have never noticed any battery issues only some lagging with a hourglass when it is updating (only when open). I just installed this one last week and the version I had before this one was bot buggy at all. I just wanted to try the social network stuff and the auido podcasts.

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    07-30-09 07:53 PM