1. mtbrown19's Avatar
    I did a search on the forums but couldn't find an answer. I downloaded dropbox for my Torch 9800 but it won't let me view any PDFs in my files. I get "no application found to open this file" yet I can view/download PDF email attachments just fine. I have documents to go (not premium) as well as Blackberry Presenter, both of which allow me to view PDFs

    08-22-11 12:22 PM
  2. depewguy's Avatar
    I have a similar issue. Dropbox is installed and transferred files appear on all my devices including my Blackberry. Pictures open but pdf's, Word and Excel documents don't open.

    I wrote to Dropbox and was told Blackberry doesn't come with built-in viewers and than one would have to be downloaded from the Blackberry Appworld. I couldn't find any viewers at Appworld. Any suggestions?
    04-23-12 04:12 PM
  3. rob7100g's Avatar
    You need a native PDF viewer and that cost dollars. The best is RepliGo that is included in the premium version of Documents to Go. Documents to Go premium v3 is free on OS7 and works OK on OS6. Look at Your BlackBerry Home Page for links.
    04-23-12 04:56 PM