1. kermalou's Avatar
    Hey is uSirius not working for anyone else?

    Came in this morning and can't get to any channels.
    08-10-09 01:26 PM
  2. AdamG#AC's Avatar
    to stream via Orb to bb? Everything working well for me.

    ...and, Baba Booey to y'all!
    08-10-09 01:52 PM
  3. Amadeus Excello's Avatar
    Is this app available for free download and usage? If so, where may I find it?
    08-10-09 06:03 PM
  4. TheMovieStar's Avatar
    I'm intrigued too...please explain...
    08-10-09 07:22 PM
  5. AdamG#AC's Avatar
    uSirius is desktop app to run along w Orb to stream Sirius to mobile. Search CB forums for "stream Sirius Orb" and you'll get full instr w DL links. Fyi, Orb is still avail but uSirius has ceased devp and no official DL links, under threat of lawsuit from sirius.

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    08-10-09 08:01 PM
  6. Amadeus Excello's Avatar
    Thanks for the info and heads-up, Abu.

    08-10-09 08:55 PM