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    Hi there

    Im looking forward to purchase a T-Mobile; Blackberry 8900 Curve with Unlimited Data Plan for $24.99/month. I learnt that the Blackberry 8900 Curve comes preloaded with Windows Live Messenger. However, was confused as when i use the application, will i be using it as i use the application at home, for example: i use my hp ipaq pocket pc at the home wifi network and use the Windows Live Messenger at peace of mind of paying nothing, or will each text i send be counted as 1 sms while using Windows Live Messenger with Blackberry?
    Also, with UMA, can i make an international call or is it limited to just making calls within U.S?

    Please help me out. Also, im new to Crackberry, would appreciate if someone send an email as well to my email id: nevada10@live.com

    05-12-09 04:15 AM
  2. MCMXCIII's Avatar
    Windows Live Messenger is covered by your data (you won't hit the "unlimited" cap unless you stream things like youtube and slacker radio continually on a heavy basis.

    As for UMA, because it's over wifi and the data is transferred over that rather than the network I'd assume it'd work for international calling. I can't verify that as I'm in the UK and don't know massive amounts about US networks.

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    05-12-09 05:04 AM