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    Can I install apps with my W2K laptop (I've already put tunes on it with a USB power adapter), or do I need special software to install apps from the PC?

    The BB software has the minimum requirement of Windows XP. I've just chachinged $275 for the BB and no way am I gonna buy a new computer for it.

    The reason I want to do it by the computer is because I feel it's a little more secure with my credit card. Also, the tiny free apps I tried to get fail to download so often it's nutty. All I wanna do is play a challenging game of chess without ads :/ (I really do hope that game is in fact challenging, because novice mode is a joke).

    07-26-11 01:58 PM
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    You tried BBM v4.7? V4.7 support Win2000, but I do not know if supports Curve 8520.
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    07-26-11 04:13 PM
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    BBM = "Blackberry Messenger" right? The link is not going anywhere, but I tried googling it. I'm not sure how it would help installing apps from Windows 2000.

    The CD that came with the box just shows a blank grey screen and I get nowhere fast.

    If there were just some folder to chuck apps in (I looked around and it doesn't seem so). A fine solution would be a dedicated program simply to plop apps on the berry.

    I saw a Desktop Manager (4.7?) which ya might be talking about. But a huge download like that would eat up and pass the rest of my month's Internet plan. That usually causes my ISP to go whack on me with blocks and agreement thingies.

    All day


    BTW, I haven't hooked up to a Wi-Fi yet, though I have an opportunity where I work. If it's faster then I might not run into those "COD" (cash on delivery??) errors and this might not be an issue... except my credit card paranoia. Never experienced wifi on a phone yet either. Sorry for my ignorance - I seem to be at least ten years behind in mainstream commercial tech.


    Was just hopping around the Internet like a monkey again. I figure ya must have meant DTM 4.7 and found that the English version alone without Media Manager is like 80M. Do I require the Media Manager to install apps?
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    07-26-11 08:33 PM
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    I thought Desktop Manager, I wrote wrong Media Manager is not required. I never use Media manager.
    Here is a tutorial how instal app via BDM.

    Or you can't instal winXP on laptop?

    Sory for my bad english. I don't understand any words
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    07-27-11 03:10 AM
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    Hello Slavic brother (my parents were from Croatia). If you can understand the nonexistent word "chaching" then I'd say your English is very good.

    I'll download that Desktop Manager another time. It's far too large of a program to do what it does. In the time being I tried a Wi-Fi connection and it is much, much faster and I don't get errors in downloading apps with it.
    07-28-11 09:30 AM