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    I recently installed ISkoot on my curve but I can not make calls on Skype only chat. When I call directs me to a cell phone call of a number in Brazil, named: Iskoot Brazil, seemsto be fast but also like blocked...
    Can somebody help me?
    05-29-10 10:46 PM
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    1st, where are you from?

    2nd, iSkoot calls a local number and that number actually redirects the call back to you.

    You can call Skype Desktop clients for free but if you want to call a mobile or landline number, you must have either a Skype plan or Skype credits. To make matters worse, iSkoot will be also eating up your minutes allowance.

    Example 1: You are on a 100 minutes voice plan. You have BIS (yes, no iSkoot over Wi-Fi). You call Bobby, which is on the pc. You talk during 10 minutes. You now have 90 minutes left on your monthly allowance.

    Example 2: You are on a 100 minutes plan, after calling Bobby. You got BIS and a 20 minutes worth of Skype credits. You call Jeff on his office line. You talk for 15 minutes. You don't get the deal. You are now pissed, have 70 minutes left on your allawance and only 5 minutes of credit left.

    Hope this helps.
    05-29-10 10:56 PM
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    Thanks Diego,
    I'm mexican, but I live in Sao Paulo, I have TIM and I also have subscription, *unlimited world, I'm interested in usin Iskoop for calling mostly long distance calls, I don't care if the people can call me or not. THIS UNLIMETED WORLD excludes Brazil, Could be that the reason?
    05-30-10 08:55 AM
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    Hope you enjoy my "little" conutry!

    The problem as you can see, is that you don't have unlimited TIM. Once you run out of minutes on your TIM plan, you're in for a huuuge bill.

    People can call you alright since the calls they make to your skype will be charged off your plan. Or at least so iSkoot FAQ leads us to believe.

    I wonder how it would work with Infinity thou... Since you only pay the 1st minute... It should help... Or not... Some field testing required!

    EDIT: Skype Credit thou can be used to call anywhere I believe. But then again... iSkoot just isn't the best solution out there... Boa sorte!
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    05-30-10 09:36 AM
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    I believe that I have unlimited TIM, it means that every time I call out with Skype my credit is being taken, but If I have a subscription for land lines and mobiles in Brazil it will work?
    I have the business plan and I can call local and mobiles, Do you know about someone who can help in Sao Paulo, even if I have to pay?
    I really thank you very much. and yes I'm starting to enjoy your country.
    05-30-10 12:35 PM
  6. diegonei's Avatar
    Let me check TIM... Sad as it is, we don't have unlimited voice in Brasil...

    So, plans vary from 30 to 1000 minutes on Infinity. Liberty goes from standard to +800 (which pretty much goes around 1000m).

    And yes, if you get one of those skype plans for Brasil you should be ok. Only problem is, you'll pay your monthly TIM bill (and TIM is not the cheapest one around), your world skype bill (R$ 25,99) your Brasil Landline+mobile skype bill (60m - R$32,98; 120m - R$61,98)AND your BIS bill (R$ 69,00).

    It might be wise to just get more minutes with TIM. You're gonna have to check.

    Buenas suertes!
    05-30-10 01:16 PM
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    What is Bis?
    The problem is that I need to make calls to USA, and Europe, also Latin America. Another question
    Why I cannot call skype users with WiFi only that's the idea of the Skype or Iskoot it is because I need the fomous: "Bis"
    Sorry for being a pain in your neck, and thanks for your time.
    Let say that I only need to do that, (making skype calls using WiFi) Is that possible, with the iphone is as simple as it sounds
    05-30-10 04:59 PM
  8. diegonei's Avatar
    Oh by all means, I rather spend hours helping you than the usual os update/media key issues! You just brough something new into the forums!

    iSkoot does not support Wi-Fi, that's why you can't. BIS stands for BlackBerry Internet Service: the infamous unlimited, with Push email, data plan. iSkoot connects over BIS, BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) or TCP (any other carrier data plan). But sad (asnd stupid at this point) not Wi-Fi.

    Now, Skype calls over Wi-Fi are kinda possible, but you need to go for another app: IM+ Talk, it has a free trial but in the end you'll need to buy the app if you really want to keep it. But it will work over Wi-Fi... in a walkie-talkie way: you press the left convenience key to talk, release to listen.
    05-30-10 05:12 PM