1. jspidey#CB's Avatar
    I use my Gmail account for my Facebook notifications. Since I've installed the Gmail app, I'm no longer getting notifications to FB (which can be anticipated based on the way the FB app works). I used the BB BIS web portal to disable emails being pushed to the normal Gmail inbox so I dont have to mess with duplicate email entries.

    Is there anyone who's found a way to use their the Gmail app with the FB app for the same email address and work successfully? Can you share how you setup FB and/or Gmail?

    Any suggestions are welcome!
    12-02-09 10:57 AM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    What e-mail address are you sending your FB notifications to?

    You should really have your FB notifications set to be sent to your @carrier.blackberry.com e-mail address rather than your gmail address. That way, notifications get sent directly without any intervention. Even if you don't use the blackberry e-mail address for anything else, it helps with FB.
    12-02-09 11:17 AM
  3. jspidey#CB's Avatar
    I use the said Gmail email address. I guess there's no way around it other than using a non-gmail (or another gmail) address for the FB notifications. I never thought to use the blackerry.net addy...

    12-02-09 12:15 PM