1. BBTourista's Avatar
    Has anyone downloaded eFax Messenger software onto a Blackberry Tour and successfully used it to view incoming faxes?

    Customer support by j2 Global Communications, Inc., which owns eFax, is of limited value. One support rep. stated the software is not compatible with a BB Tour while another suggests switching the fax file format to TIF. Who is right and is there an easier way to view incoming faxes?
    09-16-09 04:10 PM
  2. chrisbc's Avatar
    I use efax as well and have no problem seeing incoming faxes on my Storm. My incoming faxes come in .pdf format though.

    Have you tried if it works by switching to .pdf? You can change the format that you want faxes to come in by going to their website and changing the setting under Preferences/Fax Options.
    09-16-09 07:56 PM
  3. OskahOfDisastah's Avatar
    is that app free? and does it just let u view faxes or can u send them too? i doubt u can but just asking.
    09-16-09 09:10 PM
  4. sheldonbk's Avatar
    I agree w/Chrisbc. I've used the PDF setting w/eFAX in general for a long time. The main reason (for the computer) was that it's much easier to view. All you need is Acrobat reader. Ignore the eFax program and just open PDFs. I believe that TIF files tend to be large and few applications can open them.

    The rationalle to use PDF format is much moreso on a Blackberry. I think any 4.5+ OS device comes with a reasonable PDF viewer. I personally prefer and use Repligo's (PDF) Reader.

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    09-16-09 10:19 PM