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    I have been reading thread after thread here and other search returns from various sites and decided rather than replying I'd just start a new thread.

    I got my first BB curve 8330 in 07/08 and have used her until Feb 24th. I even bought a backup 8330 for $50 from my BFF. So I upgraded to the 9350 and yes she is something sweet. BUT, I am having some battery issues. Seems like she can't hold a candle to my 8330. I have checked and closed all apps, only have a few installed. I'd really like to figure out what is causing the drain and fix it pronto.

    Would like to get rid of the bloatware thats installed for good. I saw some threads about hiding, but thats not what I want. Also, came across something that said if you deleted the service books that if the provider pushed they would come back. Am interested to find out if I can install the OS from PC and then be done with bloatware 4-eva!

    I have both Opera Mini and the regular browser installed. I have encountered an odd thing. Sometimes the page will like hang up. My cursor is visible and can move in just the area shown on display in every direction, but will not scroll up or down past what is displayed. Sometimes only part of the page will load and its like there is a frame is on it that you can't see and only maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of the page will show. It has happened on a website page I have clicked on and even when doing Goggle searches. never seen anything like it on any of my smartphones or PCs.

    I have done browser cleanup/history, the memory cleaner, and pulled the battery. OS is 7.0 Bundle 1826 (v7.0.0.400, platform

    I can't seem to figure out how to get my cursor into the search bar in the help app and can not for the life of me find advanced options in the menu. I'm usually pretty good at figuring stuff out by either being acquainted with menus and just clicking til I find it or researching online and using multiple search queries to try and find solutions. I'm very frustrated, not sure if it is me that is the problem or if I actually have a phone that has major issues....
    03-04-12 04:17 PM
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    Update to 7.1
    03-04-12 05:03 PM
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    I can help you with some of your problems.

    As far as battery, the 9350 will not do as good as the old 8330. It has a smaller battery and a much better processor and screen. An update to 7.1 does help a little though. I bought a spare battery/charger. It's not a perfect solution but it's the best I can come up with.

    The browser freezing issue I have experienced also. For me it only happens when I put the browser in the background and go back later. My solution is to exit the browser by holding the escape/back button. If I need to go back to the previous page, I load it from the history. I assume that it's just a bug that will be fixed in the near future.

    As far as the pre-installed apps, some are fully installed and some are just launchers. The fully installed apps can be deleated at which time they become a launcher. The launchers can't be removed. Just move them into a folder called "junk" and then hide the folder and forget about it. Remember, launchers aren't full apps and they take up minimal space.

    Install the 7.1 leak. It's a nice upgrade from USCC's It's available here in the forum for download. Use the link for the 9370. Both the 9350 and 9370 use the same os.
    03-06-12 03:00 PM