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    I am on Vodafone UK and have just upgraded my Curve 9300 to Blackberry 6. I am happy with the upgrade generally but I no longer have either the Blackberry App World or the Bridge icons on my home screen. I clicked on Options, Device, and Application Management to show my list of current applications. The list still includes both App World and Bridge so both are still installed on the phone as they were before the upgrade. Indeed, when I turn on my Playbook the Bridge icon on the top row on the Playbook home screen lights up so the phone is definitely connected to the Playbook by Bridge. However, without the icon on the home screen of the Curve I obviously can't use the phone as a remote control/mouse for the Playbook. Also, without the App World icon on the home screen I can't download additional apps. Does anyone know how I can get both icons back on the Curve's home screen?
    03-07-12 02:01 PM
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    Homescreen Show all icons > double check all folders and entries to be sure.
    If they are installed on your phone they are most likely lurking around.
    03-07-12 02:03 PM
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    Thanks for this but I am showing All icons and still no App World or Bridge. Grateful for any other suggestions.
    03-07-12 02:53 PM
  4. byul's Avatar
    Battery pull, if it's not working try delete the applications from Application Management and re-install the applications.
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    03-07-12 03:06 PM
  5. terency1945's Avatar
    Many thanks byul for advice. I deleted both apps and re-installed them and now have both icons back on the home screen of my Curve
    03-08-12 12:44 PM