1. slalom's Avatar
    I just upgraded from a 9800 to 9810.

    All appears to be going well, except for App World. I was hoping to use appworld to update most of the 30 or so apps I had on my 9800.

    App World opens ok, but if I try to go into My App World, or attempt to download any applications, I get an endless "please wait", and the only way to stop end app world is with a battery pull.

    I deleted the version that came on my stock 9810 and downloaded a new one from BlackBerry App World and this version has the same problem.

    I'm running OS v7.0.0.261

    I thought this might be a Telus issue (I switched from Rogers), but my IT department says it is an App World/RIM issue.

    Suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks.
    09-09-11 09:18 PM