1. kneeman's Avatar
    Of course I am glad BB lets you load stuff not in app world (unlike the iphone) but I find it a pain to try and keep up with updated apps.

    I have a lot of apps, some I have through app world and some direct from websites. Some of the direct ones will tell me there is an upgrade available (bolt, slingbox, etc) and some will not (BBscanner, Oanda, BBtran, BerryUnitConverter, Portaserver, etc).

    I just went through all my apps today and reloaded the ones that were in app world so app world can tell me when updates are available.

    What do you people do about the ones that don't tell you there is an update when you start it. Just check out their website once a year or 6 months? I check the CB blog everyday and try to stay up but some of my stuff is not popular or used that much.

    Maybe manual work is just the price to pay.

    10-16-09 12:03 PM