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    I am kind of new to the blackberry phones
    I was wondering how can i know if a app has an update, like in the apple app store if time u long in it checks ur app if there is a newer version but with the blackberry app world there is no function that i see. Can anyone help with some info

    05-31-10 08:14 PM
  2. johnnygolfguy's Avatar
    On mine it show a little App World symbol where a new message counter would be. I also get one if the message folder. I think it must be a default setting as I did nothing upon downloading app world to set that up. Hope that helps
    05-31-10 08:23 PM
  3. linuxdaemon's Avatar
    Since you have more options of where to get your apps in the BB world, you won't necessarily have 1 location for getting those updates. Although if you only use App World for your software downloading, you will effectively get that. Anything you Acquire through App World will give you a notification (Circle with an arrow pointing down and left) in the status line when it is updated.

    The next method is through Mobihand (sites like the crackberry app store). When updates are available, and you have update notification on, you will get an email notification indicating an update is available.

    These two don't mix though. If you purchase an app through Mobihand which is also available through App World, App World will not give you notification for that. Only ones you acquire through App World.

    Finally, some apps additionally do the check themselves. When starting the app, it will automatically check version numbers and offer you a download if a new one is available.

    I hope that helps, and doesn't add more confusion to it
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    05-31-10 11:24 PM