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    I made some fixes and updates to KeepassBB2 since the original maintainers haven't touched it in a while:
    -Changed the app icons
    -Fixed the exception when creating a new, internal database.
    -Changed some default options (enabled sort tree, enabled hide title bar, enabled hide empty entry fields, enabled 2 min timeout, disabled save last access changes)
    -touch screen now works to expand groups

    NOTE: if you have v2.0.1527 or earlier installed of KeePassBB2 installed already, you need to delete it before installing this version, otherwise you will have conflicts.


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    08-21-11 06:26 PM
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    I will write here what I just wrote on twitter:

    if I can get this error resolved when starting that would be swell
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    08-21-11 07:34 PM
  3. papped's Avatar
    What error message? Also what device?

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    08-21-11 07:51 PM
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    Error is as follows:
    Error starting KeePassBB2: Class 'com.fairview5.keepassbb2.kbd4.Kbd4KFPO' multiply defined.
    On my 9800.
    08-21-11 07:58 PM
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    Weird, never saw that on the simulator or my 9930.

    Ill take a look at it

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    08-21-11 08:09 PM
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    I should also mention that I still have the 2.0.2015 or whatever ver it is installed.

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    08-21-11 08:22 PM
  7. papped's Avatar
    Did you install this over an old version?

    Do you have two versions on your device now. You might need to delete all versions and restart. Then reinstall

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    08-21-11 08:35 PM
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    Well, got rid of yours since it did not work and now back to using the previous. Working ver.

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    08-21-11 09:19 PM
  9. papped's Avatar
    Multiply defined error is caused by installing two different versions of the same app by two different developers, since the modules or persistent storage conflict.
    09-12-11 07:50 PM
  10. fatslim's Avatar
    cant synchronize in win7 x64 ultimate。。。。i dont know why。 already registered dll
    09-12-11 08:56 PM
  11. papped's Avatar
    Hmm, I'll have to try the synchronize as I never use that feature. That said I didn't touch any code that deals with the synchronization at all (mostly just options and UI stuff). I wonder if it has to do with the same app name stuff...

    Also just to be sure you are synchronizing with the V2 desktop client right? Not v1?
    09-12-11 08:57 PM
  12. DaedalusIcarusHelios's Avatar
    Papped, I noticed that the website for the original maintainers of the Keepass app for BB has gone dead. So it appears no one is updating it. Current versions of keepass (2.22) must change the database format or something as the BB app won't import in a KDBX or KDB file from 2.22 - it gets an error "The database signature isn't 208". Any chance you might be able to update the BB app again? I'm not getting a Z10 for a few months unfortunately, so I thought I'd inquire. I'd pay a couple of bucks, but I realize there probably isn't going to be enough demand for a dying platform.
    04-10-13 03:04 PM
  13. DaedalusIcarusHelios's Avatar
    FYI, it appears that if I use KeePass 2.19, it works fine with KeePass for BB, as well as working with KeeFox addon for Firefox (which wasn't working when I had reverted back to 2.15). So I can get by that way.
    04-10-13 03:22 PM
  14. jbeek's Avatar
    Have a look for KPD in Blackberry World. It's an Android port but it works well enough on the Z10. Let's you look at your login credentials but not edit them.
    04-16-13 09:33 AM