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    Options+ is an application running as a service that helping you control easily a calling. You could find Option+ out from Options section for OS 5, for OS 6 or 7 you also could find Option+ out through Third Party Application from Options section.

    Option+ verion 1.4

    The features such as:

    - Vibrate when connected: When you make a call, once the other picks up the call, your phone will vibrate a bit just to notice the call is connected. You don't need to put the phone on your ear too soon.

    - Vibrate when disconnected: Vibrate a bit when somehow a phone call gets disconnected.

    - Auto end call: Auto end call after defined time period is set up. For example: Set time period to 60s, then make a call and the call will auto ended when time of call reaches to 60s.

    - Vibrate during call: Alert to user by vibrate during call after defined time period .

    - Handle new number: When there is an incoming/outgoing call number which is not existed on your contact list, it will ask you to add new contact or update the existed contact.

    It also integrates some features to Global Menus such as:

    - Flash Light: Enable flash on device.

    - Insert Contact: This will bring the contact list for you to choose which contact number you want to insert into the particular application you are in.
    For example: You are composing an SMS message to send a contact number to a friend. Then just press Menu and choose Insert Contact, it will bring the contact list and all you have to do is select a contact number, it will auto insert that contact number into the text field you are composing.



    - This application requires OS 5.0 or above.

    - The feature Flash Light will not be worked on phones such as: Blackberry 8520, 8530, Curve 9300, 9330.

    - The feature Auto end call will not work when user receives a call.

    - To enable Auto end call feature, user must to change permission of application by below these steps:

    Go to Options > Select Application (Application management for OS 6 7) > Search and select OptionPlus > Select Edit permisstions > Change key Interaction to Allow.

    Please grab it from App World:
    Buy OptionPlus - Download OptionPlus - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World

    In case you need help or any further information. Please don't hesitate to contact us at: sd@viethop.net
    Thank you very much for reading.
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