1. davidm16's Avatar
    Got an app world update notification. Downloaded it, told me to reboot as usual which I did. Once it was back up, from Home screen clicked on messages, nothing happens and keyboard and track ball do nothing. Rebooted, used trackball to go to Calendar, no issues. Back to Home screen to Messages, same thing, keyboard and track ball do nothing.

    Now on third reboot.....will try to delete App world if I can.
    05-27-11 11:27 AM
  2. davidm16's Avatar
    Have rebooted a number of times...same result. Rebooted and left the unit alone for an hour. When I came back, I had a white screen, with very tiny letter saying APP ERROR 523 - RESET.

    I search this site and google, but anyone have any ideas?
    05-27-11 01:57 PM