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    I got an AV Shadow from unify4life last week as it looks like a great idea. My wife and I always have our BlackBerry in front of the TV and she can't figure out my remotes. The problem is I got it Thursday and the booklet with it said to register on the web site with the BlackBerry PIN and the unit's serial number. That serial number is 8 characters long. On the web site there is a field for the license which is five boxes length 2-4-4-4-4. I have tried numerous ways to fill in the fields, added data from part numbers and invoice numbers... You can't even turn it on or download software without first registering.

    I did hear back from them and they have been very helpful. Unfortunately we're still working on some of my gear after a few days. In spite of being less than perfect and feeling a little beta they have been very gracious and helpful. I'm optimistic. It's very cool to see it run and what you can do so there is a lot of potential.
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