1. carterlyn's Avatar
    Hey Everyone!! I just downloaded the new uber twitter, used it once came back and hit the button, and got uncaught exception, permission denied? What do I do? Did I do it, or is that their screw up instead of mine? The only thing I did while setting it up was deny GPS. I thought that was how you blocked your location. Other than that I didn't deny anything else. Any help, greatly appreciated.

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    08-12-09 06:29 PM
  2. onegreatsmile's Avatar
    It took me a few tries and I got a few errors also, but eventually it worked. You might have to enter an APN in your advanced settings. That's what I had to do. Oddly, after it was all set up, I erased the info in the APN box and now it still works fine! Sometimes Twitter apps do wonky things if you've recently changed your password. I recently had a similar issue w/ Tweetdeck.
    08-12-09 07:35 PM