1. DGiant's Avatar
    I have a Blackberry 8330 Curve via Verizon.

    Ubertwitter was working just fine - then last night it disappeared from the screen.

    I re-downloaded it - and it told me I had the app already. I couldn't get the icon back on the screen.

    So I deleted the app, downloaded it again. Now the Ubertwitter Icon is there - but it won't let me open it. The only thing I can get to is the ubertwitter setup page.

    Any suggestions on how to fix?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    PS - I am a fairly new Blackberry user - have only had it for about 4 months.... so I could have accidentally done something to cause all this.....

    Is there a way to reinstall factory settings?

    PPS - I did try to search for this on the net - haven't been able to find a solution......
    09-12-09 10:37 PM
  2. amandaryan1051's Avatar
    i put UT back on my phone today, was having a weird issue sorta like this. it DID let me post a tweet, and once it did that, it finally pulled up the rest of screens
    09-13-09 12:43 AM