1. 014mia's Avatar
    I'm pretty new with the Bold. I was using the Storm as my personal phone but my work had given me a Bold to use. (Didn't realize I would be so confused switching from the Storm!)

    My question is, on my Storm I was able to sync the NFL schedule, US Holidays and the weather onto my Calendar. Now, I am successfully able to sync the NFL Calendar through Google Sync on my Bold but none of the US Holidays or the weather show up on the calendar.

    Am i missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    07-23-09 11:53 PM
  2. cavingjan's Avatar
    Aren't they actually separate calednar on google? Google sync can only handle a single calendar.
    07-24-09 08:59 AM
  3. mykey2k's Avatar
    Did you select them to sync with google sync?

    Open Sync and open the options

    Scroll down to "Sync these calendars"

    Hit the menu key, choose Change Option

    You'll see what's selected and what's not.

    Warning though, Google Weather makes your days "busy " I ended up de-selecting it because of that.
    07-24-09 09:07 AM