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    Hi guys relatively new to blackberry. I understand the browser does not support tabbed browsing but I was wandering if there is a way to have two instances of the browser running. The reason I ask is I have subscribed to mlb mobile premium (because my model/carrier doesn't support at bat 2010) and when I click audio to listen to the game it starts streaming in what looks like the built in media player but it is still running within the browser if that makes any sense because I cannot go back to check out other scores and stuff because as soon as I do the stream stops.

    I can use another browser to check scores of other games but they don't ID themselves as the blackberry browser and therefore the mlb mobile site does not support the premium features I am paying for.

    A second browser or a way of loading the stream into the media app outsude of the browser would be perfect. Or even a 3rd party browser that identifies itself as blackberry (treid opera and bolt)


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    04-26-10 05:36 PM