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    My big deal with Wi-Fi calling has always been to find a way to automatically switch between using it at home, and how to automatically switch it off when out of range of home Wi-Fi. Then if it would automatically switch back on when in range of that home Wi-Fi or any other specified, that would be all the better.

    I had tried an app called “Cell Network or Wi-Fi” back in the Bold 9700 days. Back then it would not do what I was looking for at all. Then, it seemed to only act like a mechanical switch. It might work leaving the home Wi-Fi area, but would not come back on when I returned and the app “Smart Wi-Fi” turned the Wi-Fi back on.

    Now trying the two apps (“Cell Network or Wi-Fi” and “Smart Wi-Fi”) together again with the Bold 9900 and its version of Wi-Fi calling, it works fine. I had “Smart Wi-Fi” installed first and set to come on when in range of my home Wi-Fi setup. Installing and turning on “Cell Network or Wi-Fi”, and switching it “On” turns off the T-Mobile Network radio. All calls are routed through Wi-Fi calling. When I leave the range of the Wi-Fi, “Smart Wi-Fi” turns off the Wi-Fi radio on the Bold 9900 and “Cell Network or Wi-Fi” turns on the T-Mobile Network radio. When I get back home, it switches back to Wi-Fi calling and T-Mobile network is switched off.

    Edit- One thing though that I have noticed is that when I am using this, "Cell Network or Wi-Fi" appears to limit network connection away from Wi-Fi to "EDGE". Or so it seems anyway. Also, it is easy to get the apps out of sync. I attempted to turn
    "cell network or wi-fi" off to check for network connection speed (which did not change). Seemed I had to re-synch it all when I got home. Like everything that seems to work, it does have a few oddities to go with it.

    New Edit- It may have been a T-Moble issue with EDGE being the only connection I had seen. Today I did see a 4G signal when out away from my home Wi-Fi coverage.
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    Glad to hear you got it all working!
    05-25-12 03:49 PM
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    I guess I'm a little confused here. I thought one key to the whole functionality of UMA was the automatic hand-off process that would switch calls from cellular radio to hotspot radio and back again depending on availability. I have never had any issues with this on my 9700. Does the 9900 handle things differently? Also, it seems from your comments that you're talking about the unused network radio being 'switched off.' Do you mean the call is switched between networks, or that the radio service is actually turned off at the device? Just trying to make sure I'm following along here.
    05-25-12 04:59 PM
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    The thing with the 9900 and Wi-Fi calling is that when I was home and connected to Wi-Fi the t-mobile network radio was still on. If my calls are coming through Wi-Fi calling, what was the sense in wasting the battery? I could manually switch it off, but then I would have to remember to turn it on again when I left. So with this Cell network or Wi-Fi app, it will switch the t-mobile network radio to off when in range of Wi-Fi signal. And it will turn on the network again when out of Wi-Fi range. But, it tends to leave the Wi-Fi receiver ON. That is where the Wi-Fi manager comes in. It switches Wi-Fi Off, saving battery. My memory of the 9700 is foggy at this point as to if it left the network radio on when in UMA mode. But I know I tried to use these apps back then too, and I had no luck getting them to work in this way. So, it is the unused radio being switched on and off that I am referring to.
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    Gotcha - now it all makes sense.
    05-25-12 06:22 PM