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    I've been reading articles mention how a lot ppl love twitter. So I downloaded it+have been using for a few days....

    What r some uses of twitter? How do u guys use it? Why is every1 excited about it?

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    01-20-09 02:03 PM
  2. toomuchgame441's Avatar
    I too am interested to know. I read some stuff about it a while back and forgot about its functions. But I DO remember it not being all that interesting to me.

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    01-20-09 03:11 PM
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    01-20-09 03:18 PM
  4. ninja please's Avatar
    still not seeing the hype of it, maybe if other things were added on to it to make it cooler, but it doesn't interest me to put a short message out there... I have a twitter account but I never know what to say on it, so I don't. bah!

    I guess maybe if I knew more people that used it, it would be more interesting. for now I'll stick with sms or status msgs on facebook.
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    01-21-09 01:30 AM
  5. manderly's Avatar
    I dunno. I've tried to love it twice, but since I don't have any friends or family that use it, it's pretty useless to me. Bummer, I'd love to have people (not random new "friends") to interact with on it.

    I got talked into Facebook finally and discovered I have a bunch of friends on there.

    It's no fun if you don't have people you care about to interact with
    01-21-09 01:44 AM
  6. havanahjoe's Avatar
    You can integrate facebook and twitter and have your twitter updates pop up on facebook.

    There's an app out there that actually integrates both. SocialScope. You can get instant updates when any of your facebook friends updates their status.

    You can also add twitpic to the mix and you have instant image sharing with all your friends.
    01-21-09 02:13 AM
  7. mandony's Avatar
    twitter is used by the news media, like cnn.com, to get uploads of instant photos of news events ... free from you
    01-22-09 08:25 PM