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    i downloaded the official twitter beta leak yesturday

    everything is awesome! (i've never used a BB twitter client before, not even Ubertwitter) and i like how it can sync with messages app. (does ubertwitter do that too?)

    However, it WONT show any display pics/icons. Everyone in my timeline including myself is just the silhouette default pic. Is this part of the beta? I'm hearing how some people can see pics
    03-30-10 01:47 PM
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    03-30-10 03:45 PM
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    try redownloading this i did not have this problem when using this app.
    03-30-10 04:46 PM
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    I redownloaded it.
    The pics still arent showing up... I have a 8530, on the latest version .50#
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    03-30-10 05:00 PM
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    03-30-10 08:37 PM
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    I wouldnt bump this thread anymore, there are rules against that on crackberry....i've got warned for it before

    I don't know what to say about your problem with the twitter app...mine works fine loading pics.
    03-30-10 10:18 PM
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    Alright, Thanks for the heads up.

    ALSO, I downloaded UberTwitter, but the pictures/icons dont even show for it either? It gives me an 403 error when loading my own profile pic.

    But i downloaded another twitter app; TweetGenuis, and the pics show for that!

    Can someone pleaseeee help me??
    03-31-10 05:42 PM
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    I wouldnt want to bump the thread.... but I've really searched EVERYWHERE, and done EVERYTHING to look for my answer.

    I've uninstalled, reinstalled both twitter, UberTwitter, and nothing.
    What could be the issue to cause them to NOT sync profile pictures??

    Bump, for the last time, please.
    04-03-10 07:41 PM
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    I think ur bb does not support twitter !

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    04-03-10 09:28 PM
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    I had a similar problem a while back and it had to do with the size of the pics. For some reason it would not upload pics that were past a certain size so I always crop my pix that I want to upload to twitter/and facebook.

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    04-03-10 09:37 PM
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    Why is there a need for a new thread...

    04-03-10 10:41 PM