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    I'm sorry, but it looks like I'm going to be "THAT" CB abuser, w/ a rep for trying to reinvent the wheel (perhaps unsuccessfully), but all these threads about the same topic is just too much. And here, I'm adding to it (for the sake of future sanity).

    It would be great if we could consolidate the new information about the resolution to 08/06/2009 dDOS attacks affecting twitter and facebook applications into one place, so this is the only reason I've bent under the pressure to NOT create another topic about this.

    Twitter and Facebook have been experiencing severe service lags (if service is even available) because of a dDOS (distributed denial of service) attack. The Twitter and Facebook folks have been trying to resolve the matter for almost 2 days now, and it will take some time to be completely resolved (though the problems are subsiding). This has been all over the major news stations, like CNN, FOXNEWS, AP, etc. But even if you missed those, you'd be among friends here at CB Forums, who have been posting on this topic incessantly.

    This attack has affected all twitter and fbook applications, so your best bet, [other than coming here :-)] is to access your twitter account via the web and follow your app provider there to find out the most recent information on the status of the problem. At least, check Twitter Status (which I know they don't update enough, but am certain they'll post there first to let us know everything has been completely resolved).

    Here are a few popular app providers to follow to stay up-to-date:
    ÜberTwiter (UberTwiter) on Twitter
    SocialScope (socialscope) on Twitter
    Orangatame Software (Twitterberry)
    Kevin Cawley (tinytwitter) on Twitter
    Handmark (handmark) on Twitter (tweetcaster)

    In case you were wondering, here are all the previous threads on this topic (if you can resist the urge, try not to bring them back to life):

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    Thank you for posting this.
    I was getting sick of all the "omfggg! Ubertwitter's not working! I tried 5 million battery pulls!"

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    No prob.

    Folks still seem to be unable to let those other threads die. Some Even double posting. But I gave it a shot
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