1. burbunny's Avatar
    I'm currently using UberTwitter and enjoy it. However, I'm seeking my "ultimate" Twitter application. I have need for an ap which accommodates two accounts (business and personal) and also will allow for scheduling of delayed tweets when I travel through multiple time zones (no more 3AM tweets for my followers).

    I know Social Scope handles multiple accounts (if I could ever get an invite), however I can't find any BB programs which will scheduled delayed delivery of tweets. Have I missed it? Any other options I could consider which allow for direct posting of pics as well?
    07-06-09 05:25 PM
  2. autoprime's Avatar
    tweetev (i think thats what its called) will handle multiple accounts and will be released for FREE the second week of july. not sure about scheduling tho...
    07-06-09 06:55 PM
  3. burbunny's Avatar
    Good to know! I signed up to be notified of the release last week I think it was. Multiple accounts will go a long way toward helping.
    07-06-09 08:20 PM