06-25-10 09:28 PM
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  1. ReenaRoX's Avatar
    I must say... this theme has been the FiRST theme i've used for an entire month straight! I used to change themes everyday but seems like this one is here to stay on my BB as a default.... for now that is.

    Absolutely love this theme, thanks!!!
    08-15-09 02:10 PM
  2. vicnorman's Avatar
    That's lovely, thank you!

    *Love* the birdie
    09-22-09 08:30 AM
  3. maunvs's Avatar
    very nice!
    09-29-09 10:40 AM
  4. christofur's Avatar
    Its been working great except for a few things. The top part on the home screen doesn't show the date it only says the day and month but no number and when I open up the menu and scroll through it it starts turning white so that I can't see it. Maybe because I am using os 5.0.411 but if this is the case are you going to make an update for the new os 5.0 for the 8900? Thanks great work btw!!
    01-20-10 09:04 PM
  5. chuckcalo's Avatar
    I must say, this theme looks awesome; however I'm having problems whenver I hollover a menu it looks glitchy. Anyway you could tell me how to get this fixed? I'm running 5.0 on my 8900. Awesome job btw.
    01-20-10 10:15 PM
  6. christofur's Avatar
    ^^ what I meant to say as well as the date issue
    01-20-10 10:20 PM
  7. chuckcalo's Avatar
    ^^ what I meant to say as well as the date issue
    Oh the time is working fine for me aswell as the date.

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    01-21-10 10:50 AM
  8. christofur's Avatar
    after a little the only problem i have now is the glitch with the menu bar whenever I click the blackberry button
    01-22-10 12:00 AM
  9. dannieloco's Avatar
    That happens because this theme is meant for the os 4.6 not 5.0

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    01-22-10 12:43 AM
  10. emhalwis's Avatar
    any chance of tweaking it for OS 5? its the only theme i use cuz everything is black and i love it
    04-02-10 05:38 AM
  11. lbarnwell's Avatar
    This is as cute as can be and replaced the other Twitter theme I had on my phone. I love the icons as well. Thanks for making it free!!!!
    04-18-10 07:10 PM
  12. newsome's Avatar
    My wife ran this for a year on her 8330, and I just upgraded her tonight to the Curve 8530 with OS 5. How much of a donation would it take to get you to make this for OS 5 so that it will work on the Curve 2? You've no idea how much I would appreciate it.
    06-25-10 09:28 PM
62 123