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    Does anyone know of a good one? Or a website? I used to use the TV Guide website but now I get a server error when I go to their mobile site and the full site is NOT mobile-friendly. I found a link to their old app, which downloaded and installed just fine, but when I run it, it says "connection error, please try again."

    I'd really like to find something like the old website, which had my local listings organized by channel, and I could click on the show name to see episode info. Anyone know of something similar?

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    06-22-11 11:12 PM
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    this looks good, havent used it,but i will look around. TitanTV - Free Customizable TV Listings

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    06-22-11 11:20 PM
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    Thanks, but I can't get it to load my local listings. When I click on "cable" I get an error that the page is too large and it closes automatically without even giving me the option to close some tabs.

    I get the national broadcast channels when I first go to the page, but the local cable schedule is what I'm really wanting (and we have a small rural provider, not a national one like Comcast or TimeWarner). I work in a group home and I use it to screen the shows my clients watch, to make sure they don't see anything that's going to upset them.

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    06-23-11 10:42 AM
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    You might try going to your cable or satellite provider's web site. Most will have their schedule online. You might get lucky and find one formatted for mobile.
    06-23-11 11:27 AM
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    Nope! They have a pdf of the channel lineup, but that's it. But thanks for the idea.

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    06-23-11 02:45 PM
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    If you have DirecTV, they have a great app that lets you view and search TV listings, program your DVR and order movies. I don't know of a good one that gives general TV listings, though, because I was always looking for one before I got DirecTV.
    06-23-11 04:34 PM
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    Yeah, that seems to be the general consensus. When I googled, I found lots of questions, from as far back as 2007, from people wanting the same thing. The only answer I found was for the now-extinct TV Guide app that I can't get to run. You'd think there would be more demand for something like this!

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    06-23-11 05:02 PM
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    I'm also getting the server error on the Mobile TV Guide site.

    I'm gonna try my local cable provider and see if it's mobile friendly as was suggested above. I use Cox.

    If it is, I'll report back.

    Good Luck
    06-23-11 07:10 PM
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    I use titantv.com mobile and have no problems with it.

    All you do is sign up for a free account and set you ota area if you are not on cable or sat.

    01-02-12 07:06 AM