1. Verminator's Avatar
    I'm looking for some help with the latest version of TuneIn Radio Pro for the BB. I've searched the forums and there is nothing recent...most of it from 2007-2010.

    The issue I'm having is I can stream everyting just fine if I'm on a wifi connection. If I switch to cellular, most of the streams still play, but some don't...and of course the one I want to listen to comes up in the search just fine, says "Fetching playlist" (like they all do) and then it times out with a "empty or invalid playlist". As soon as I switch back to wi-fi it's fine...so it's not the feed.

    I've checked all my settings and they all seem fine. And other streams DO work...

    Anyone else had this issue with this app?
    03-29-12 09:58 PM