1. Detroit_Derek's Avatar
    Hello I have a Torch, and I just dl tune-in radio to listen to sports talk AM at work..(ya I know Im a dork)
    Problem is, when I plug in my headphones to the jack, Tune-in radio only plays through the speakphone on.
    I searched through the options tab on the app, but nothing referencing how the sound comes out. If I use the mp3 player, those songs play through headphones. Some reason the radio app only plays via speaker phone.
    It is a Torch with v6.0.0.246, platform
    Thank you!
    01-18-11 08:38 AM
  2. alex.gavrilov's Avatar
    Make sure that you use the latest version (1.5). When a station is playing you should have a group in menu, which allows to activate the desired audio output. It looks like this:

    "Activate Earpeice"
    "Activate Headphones" (only if you have haedphones connected).

    01-20-11 05:01 PM