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    Just got a google voice invite today. I was able to activate voicemail on my regular verizon work cell #. Then trying to activate the voicemail on my tmobile prepaid # and google voice said voicemail doesn't work on prepaid. Is there a reason why? It is due to not technical possible or the prepaid company have a deal with google to block it?

    Same goes for landline #?

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    06-08-10 07:19 PM
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    any1 can help?
    06-09-10 07:48 AM
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    With tmobile prepaid it is not possible to forward to google voice,youmail,etc. I tried several times, and after talking to a rep found out prepaid lines cannot be forwarded. I can only confirm this for "flexpay" prepaid contracts, the new "easy morre plus" plan may be different, but I doubt it. As far as your landline, It should work unless your carrier doesn't include it as part of your service..There are no deals between Tmo and Google(that I know of) to block this feature, its all Tmo blocking forwarding on prepaid lines.

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    06-09-10 12:01 PM