1. w_bovine's Avatar
    Has anyone come up with a solution for the "unable to decrypt device database using the supplied credentials" error when trying to sync KeePass databases between desktop and the BB? For weeks after initially installing KeePass on the BB all was well, then one day the error message came up for what reason I have no idea. I'd sure like to be able to get it working again. Thanks.
    06-18-09 09:18 PM
  2. russelb's Avatar
    Did you get this issue resolved. I am having the same problem with my new Tour on the initial sync.
    07-15-09 09:57 PM
  3. wolfpusztay's Avatar
    There is a disconnect between earlier versions of Keepass and the latest version as noted here. Remedies are described and worked for me. I simply reinstalled an earlier version from the archive which has a compatible DB format with the Blackberry version 2.0.1527. Would be great if the Blackberry version were upgraded, lol


    02-26-13 09:08 AM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    Did you realize, this thread was almost 4 year old? HOWEVER since you are providing the official company answer, I'm gonna just let it go. Who knows maybe someone may need this info at some point.
    02-26-13 09:54 AM
  5. wolfpusztay's Avatar
    It was an issue for me 4 years later and all I could find was this thread, without a solution, lol
    02-27-13 03:26 AM