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    I have a BOld 9900 running on Simple MObile's 4G... Now, everything seems to be working just fine, browser, YouTube App, Facebook(with push) and of course Text and Talk.
    My problem is with two apps in particular, Pandora and TUneIn, they both work fine when I'm on WIFI but when I have WIFI disabled they five error messages.
    I don't understand why... I thought it might have something to do with the fact that I had a Rogers device since I could only get EDGE and maybe the problem was that it was too slow, so I went ahead and switched to a TMobile device(they are fully compatible with SimpleMobile) and though everything got a heck of a lot faster(video, browsing, facebook) I still can't get these applications to work properly.
    I messed around with the APN settings within TuneIn since they're there, but Pandora doesn't have that option. In the end it was all in vain because I solved nothing.
    Please if someone could help me out, I would truly appreciate it.

    ** Ok so apparently all I had to do was change the APN settings, which on the new Tmobile 9900 was obviously set to epc.tmobile.com, to "SIMPLE". Since I still have the Rogers device I went back and checked and the APN settings field was blank!!! So I typed in SIMPLE there as well, and VOILA!!! I now have both Apps running fine even on EDGE. THe only bad thing is I bought the black(Tmobile) bold for nothing it seems... I don't know if I should sell the white one(I'd get a bit more for it) or keep it and sell the one I just bought. Sure I'd lose the 4G but I'd also lose a phone no one in AMerica has Not sure what to do...
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