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    My friend got the BlackBerry Bold 9900 back in Sept 2011, suddenly it was not able to connect to:
    App World, FB, Whatsapp
    however she is still able to use the BBM and browse website using browser.

    BIS is connected, BB logo shown next the 3G sign

    Error message from App World is:
    BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World Server. Verify your network connections and try again.

    Error message from Whatsapp is:
    Unexpected error! java.io.Interrupted IOExpectation:
    Local connection timed out after ~ 3000

    This message comes with 3 different error ID at different times:
    • Error Id 40831
    • Error Id 40760
    • Error Id 40850
    • Error Id 40820

    We have tried the following:

    • Battery pull
    • Resending Service Books
    • Register at "Host Routing Table" under Advanced system settings
    • Enable and Disable APN settings
    • Delete and re install app world
    • Install App world Beta
    • Tried 3 different carriers sim with BIS
    • Wipe and install different version of the OS
    • Tried login with different BBID
    • Tried register a new BBID account

      Really appreciate if someone who could provide a solution with this issue, thanks!
      May be I am missing any possible solutions to fix this.
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    This is so strange, tried almost everything and usually wiping the device should fix that already!
    11-21-11 02:00 AM
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    Did u find a solution? Mine's doing it too all of the sudden. But only whatsapp. My BBM and app world are all fine.
    11-30-11 11:47 AM