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    OK, please put yourself in my place for this minute-long anecdote (this is a true story):

    You're on a road trip to whitewater rafting country in a gas-guzzling SUV with a couple of intelligent young ladies who have straight A's in college, but the one who's driving can't seem to figure out how to calculate how many miles to the gallon she's getting... so she keeps asking you. After explaining twice she politely pretends to understand even though you know she doesn't, so you start over again, and now the other one interjects, "Why does that matter?" when you ask for one of the parameters you need to make the calculation. You know the cause is lost; her tone of voice tells you that she's sure you're as good as already drowned in rapids when it comes to this matter. Not wishing to offend her academic pride (after all, she is a senior business major with straight A's including Business Calculus, and so is the other), you decide to write an app to make the calculation. Next time you take a trip, you can just tell them there's an inexpensive app that will figure it, and they'll trust that where they wouldn't trust you personally.

    So, here it is. I thought about calling it "Fuel Mileage Calculator for the Mathematically Uncertain", then "Fuel Mileage Calculator for Business Majors", but settled on TREC (Trip Range & Economy Calculator).

    The only problem remaining is that if they happen to see this post, I'll end up floating home on a raft.

    TREC - Trip Range & Economy Calculator, US$0.99

    It's intended to take 20 seconds (30 on Storm) to enter data and calculate:

    05-15-10 07:06 PM
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    Yeah, I kinda sad isn't it. Not much different than people who need a dedicated tip calculator IMO. I mean how difficult is it to use the built in calculator to figure out a percentage? Or for that matter the MPG?
    05-15-10 07:31 PM